Chiao-Hua Chang


Born in Taiwan, Ms. Chang has been living in Vienna as a freelance musician and Erhu teacher since 2013. She not only plays traditional music but also tries to build a cultural bridge by musically combining Eastern and Western cultures.

To date, she has performed with many domestic and international musicians and ensembles in many countries. Here is a small selection: For example, she participated in the summer theater in Haag in the play “Don Quixote”, has performed with Hans Tschiritsch as well as the accordionist Otto Lechner in the jazz club- Porgy and Bess. Currently she is participating in the project “Three Continents” with Przemysław Strączek, in the reading “The West-Eastern Artmann”, the Orchestra of Cultures under Adrian Werum and “Colores” by Eldis La Rosa. She has also made her instrument sound in various international free improvisation festivals.

2000-2012 Several years of pedagogical experience through Erhu teaching.

2001 Bachelor’s degree in instrumental Erhu from Shih-Chien University.

2008 graduated from “Tainan National University of the Arts” with a master’s thesis on the indigenous people of “Tsou”.

The Erhu is a two-stringed Chinese string instrument with a snake skin stretched over the sound box. This is the origin of the characteristic sound of this instrument. According to historical records, the erhu was first mentioned about 1000 years ago in the Tang Dynasty.