Constantin Meier

Born in Bruchsal, he studied orchestral music at the Leopold-Mozart Conservatory in Augsburg, then transferred to the

Stuttgart University of Music. There he receives his orchestra diploma, additionally completes chamber music studies and ends his studies with an “artistic final examination”. Participation in master classes of renowned cellists.

Engagements with several professional orchestras followed, until today he is a permanent substitute in the cello group of the “Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra”. In addition, he earns his living with numerous musical productions at the

So far I have had very nice experiences with the Orchestra of Cultures.

It is a great pleasure for me to mix a classical instrument of the symphony orchestra with the sound of world instruments. Referring to such instruments, the “Sitar” comes to my mind, a plucked lute from India, whose sound has always fascinated me. As a big Beatles fan, I encountered this instrument on some of their songs, especially on the famous “Norwegian Wood”, played by George Harrison. At that time he took lessons with the famous sitar virtuoso “Ravi Shankar”.Some years ago I was allowed to accompany his daughter “Anoushka Shankar” with orchestra.

As a soloist she played the concerto for sitar and orchestra composed by her father.This encounter with her was all the more fascinating for me, because the Shankar family with the

George Harrison, whom I admire very much and who has unfortunately already passed away.