Born on 1973 in Bignona, Senegal. Kandara is the lead singer in the "Orchestra of Cultures" and has been part of it since day 1, wowing not only with his kora playing but also with his singing. He comes from a well-known griot family of Senegal. His father Boubakar made a name for himself in West Africa and North America. In memory of Him, Kandara produced the CD "Memoirs a Boubakar" in 2018. He mostly sings his self-penned lyrics, often improvised on the fly, in Wolof.

Kandara first learned to play the soruba, the typical double drum of theMandingue, in Casamance, the southern part of Senegal. Later, in Dakar, he was instructed for years in the art of playing the kora and the songs that go with it. From then on he played Soruba, Djembé, Kora and sang in various traditional and modern ensembles, theater groups and ballets in Casamance and Dakar for 10 years. He performed at traditional festivals in the interior as well as at festivals and various occasions in the capital. He also performed in theater groups, one of which won 1st prize in a nationwide competition.

Later he also led his own theater and music groups. Since September 2001 in Tübingen, he has played in many places in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland among others with Argile, Aicha Kouyaté, Bantamba and in 2007 he founded his own band Kaira Tilo (= "peaceful sun"). In Montreal he thrilled at the "Nuits d'Afrique-Festival" and on Canadian television.

He co-authored the successful books "Djembé III / Kora" and the "Djembé Guidebook" (LEU Publishing).

In 2009, the first CD with Kairatilo ( Voyage) was released. In 2013 he recorded the CD "Nomad Kuma" ( It speaks) with the band Nomad in 2015 and the CD "Horoya" ( Respect) in 2019.

In 2021 he plays in a new music project with Chiao-Hua Chang in Poland.