Frank Heinkel

Frank Heinkel comes from Dettingen-Erms, south of Stuttgart. For just a few moments in 1996, he heard the warm, earthy didgeridoo tones from the kitchen radio in an Australian documentary. He knew immediately: “I want to play the didgeridoo”. During his sports studies at the German Sports University in Cologne and his training as a Feldenkrais teacher in the USA, he taught himself to play. Passion became profession.

Through his previous experience in various choirs and fertilized by the versatile timbres of the didgeridoo, Frank also sings the mystical sounding Mongolian overtone styles. Singing techniques where the voice seems to produce several notes at the same time.

Another unusual instrument in his repertoire he learned to play at an Irish festival and came to love during a study visit to Burkina Faso. A harp-like, stringed instrument from West Africa, the “Kamale N’goni”. It has a very pleasant, light and pulsating euphony.

Following the sound

In the meantime, Frank Heinkel has gained 20 years of musical experience in many European countries as well as in the USA.

Whether at galas, company celebrations, product presentations, festivals, exhibitions, cabaret shows, in dark restaurants, in schools and kindergartens, as a teacher or as a street musician. He performed as a soloist in symphonic wind orchestras like the Landesblasorchester LBO, the Robert BOSCH Werksorchester and since 2014 he is with the “Orchester der Kulturen”.

He released 5 CDs under his own label “openroads”.