Whygold's Weekend...

under this motto I present you my music tip for the weekend. Maybe one or the other will discover something new. In my opinion, listening to music consciously is as important as reading a good book.

Today: Lura - M'bem di fora


Lura (born July 31, 1975 in Lisbon), actually Maria de Lurdes Pina Assunção, is a singer and composer.

She sees herself as a Cape Verdean artist, although she was born in Portugal - the daughter of Cape Verdean parents, her father is from the island of Santiago, her mother from São Nicolau.

(Source: Wikipedia)

We used to listen to this CD a lot when my son was a baby. I can remember that he both danced to it and took his afternoon nap.

Have fun listening to the music!

Your Chris Weigold

P.S.: Maybe you can enjoy the listening pleasure together with a glass of wine from our "World Symphony Edition".

M'Bem di Fora- Lura