Musical Director

Adrian Werum

Adrian Werum

Coming from an old Mainz merchant family, whose inclination to cultivated narcissism & Rheingau Riesling survived the centuries, after years as musical director at the Stuttgart & Vienna German-language commercial musicals, he set out into the world with something completely new and anti-marketing to surprise:

This is how the Orchestra of Cultures came about in 2010 at Stuttgart Nordbahnhof, the Bronx of Stuttgart.

Other biographical highlights:

Roman Polanski’s “Dance of the Vampires” Vienna- Stuttgart – New York. MTV Unplugged with “Unheilig” MD “Marshall & Alexander” TV shows with Wencke Myrrhe, Helen Schneider, Rolando Villazon, Thomas Gottschalk.

Solo répétiteur dance and singing studio Theater an der Wien- Conductor at the Raimund Theater in Vienna Composer, Lyricist & Musical Supervisor “Hollywood Diva” St. Petersburg, “Golden Mask” for Moscow 2016.

Composer at Residence Park Avenue Synagogue New York More about him here:

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