Taylan Acar

Born 1980 near Hamburg. As the first child of Turkish / Kurdish guest workers from Eastern Anatolia, he came early in contact with sounds from the region. During his school years, many western theater and dance projects were realized, and he was able to show his acting talent in feature films such as Aprilkinder 1998.

At the age of 18 the interest in instruments from Anatolia and Mesopotamia began again. Starting with the long-necked lute “Bağlama , Tembur ,cura ” it continued at 22 with the woodwinds from the region. The Mey ,Kaval and Zurna were played at concerts and weddings.

The first time with a German orchestra Taylan began in 2008 in the opera “Against the wall” under the direction of Ludger Vollmer.The drama based on the film of the same name by the Successful director: Fatih Akın. With the Armenian Duduk he played 8 years in many German cities and in the World Culture Festival 2010 in Istanbul.

During the time he came in contact with International Artists and also had recorded albums and film music in the recording studio. 2012-202 Stabat Mater Karl Jenkins. Discovered by Adrian Werum in 2012 , Taylan was able to revive all his instruments in the Orchestra of Cultures.