The “All-Round” musician, trumpeter, arranger and composer Valdis Bizuns comes from Latvia.

After several years as a solo trumpet player in the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra and the Latvian National Symphony, he decided to complete his classical music diploma in Cologne and in Stuttgart. While still a student, he played in the Stuttgart State Theaters, the Stuttgart and Baden-W├╝rttemberg Chamber Orchestras, the Young German Philharmonic Orchestra, and the world-renowned Salzburg Festival.

Improvisational music has always fascinated him. So he decided to further his education in the field of jazz. This brought him into contact with various ensembles in jazz and world music (Latin, Baltic and Balkan), including the Orchestra of Cultures, the Musical Theater at the SI Center & the Metropol Orchestra.

He plays about 250 concerts a year in Germany, Europe, Russia & Asia. He is much sought after as a teacher for master classes and is a sought after member of various juries and competitions.

Valdis Bizuns has been playing with great pleasure in the Orchestra of Cultures since 2013, especially fascinated by the sound of the orchestra and the charismatic manner of the leader Adrian Werum, as well as the musical fusion of the different cultures of the world.