Whygold’s Weekend

Whygold’s Weekend

… under this motto I present you my music tip for the weekend.

Maybe one or the other discovers something new.

Consciously listening to music is, in my opinion, as important as reading a good book.

Today: Tayc – Fleur froide (Donum Novae)


Julien Franck Bouadjie Kamgang (French pronunciation: [ʒyljɛ̃ fʁɑ̃k bwadʒi kamɡɑ̃ɡ]; born May 2, 1996 in Marseille), better known as Tayc (pronounced Ta-ick – similar to <like>, but with a t), Before the release of his triple album entitled Nyxia (2019), he released two mixtapes and a series of singles. His second album called Fleur froide (2020) reached the charts that launched his international career. Tayc’s latest release is called Fleur froide – Second état : la cristallisation (2021) explains several new singles as well as the previous one of Fleur Froide.

Born in Marseille to Cameroonian parents, Bouadjie began his musical career in 2012 after moving to Paris. He studied theater and dance before switching to singing and writing. His first release was a 10-track mixtape, Alchemy on May 30, 2017, followed by a second mixtape H.E.L.I.O.S on July 27, 2018.[ 1]

He signed with the label H24, founded by Barack Adama of Sexion D’assaut, and worked on his debut studio album. In February 2019, Tayc released the debut album NYXIA[1], which was re-released two more times with the Tome II on June 21, 2019 Tome III under the title Nyxia . Volume II focused particularly on his Cameroonian roots. He presented songs from his triple album with a major concert at Trianon de Paris on October 19, 2019.

(Source: Wikipedia)

A fat produced RnB album, which you can listen to wonderfully in the summer in the car, when you drive through Marseille, Berlin or Stuttgart with the top down. 😉

Have fun listening to this album !

Your Chris Weigold

P.S.: Maybe you enjoy the listening pleasure together with a glass of wine from our “Orchester der Kulturen Edition”.