Nutella & Philosophy

Nutella & Philosophy

The philosophy of the last Nutella jar



10/23/20212 min read

I read again and again in small sections Rüdiger Safranski and his book about Heidegger “Ein Meister aus Deutschland” ( I confess , I would have thought at first of Richard Wagner at the title ), after I soon tired at Heidegger’s main work “Being and Time” by this endeavored objectivity in the language design.

Right now I am at Heidegger’s shift after “Being and Time” into a metaphysics of engagement to release the abyss of anxiety from human existence. At least that’s how I understand it. Involuntarily, associations from my own life come to mind: one is naturally always afraid in life, of difficult decisions, endangerment of one’s own existence, and much more, which is always quite concretely tied to certain situations. Fear in the sense of a complete emptiness, a never-ending abyss, I have personally encountered most in the form of certain people who, and here it becomes exciting, have a basic fear of life par excellence, with everything that belongs to it and actually, in my opinion, makes it really beautiful: love, feelings, bonds, encounters and enjoyment of the moment in its comprehensiveness and grandeur. Often I have experienced that these people cling almost panic-like constantly to someone or something, out of sheer desperation to fall into the nothingness of their own shell, since they are probably already aware that actually nothing really holds you in this world, since they constantly run away from the valuable of being human.

I have looked into this nothingness more than once. It is not a pretty sight. It is a downward pulling vortex of vacuum in which there are no values. I felt then myself this sinking feeling in the stomach before this practical nihilism of the desperate human existence. In order not to disappear in this nothingness, the person must display a constant busyness that does not let him feel his emptiness. His partner must hold him, or there is an addiction to strong physical experiences ranging from extreme sports to self-mutilation. Underlying all this is an incomprehensible fear of living, of living as a person who dares to love, who knows that even rejection will not kill him, as a person who dares to throw himself into life with his courage, with his whole person, personality, even existence, a person who knows about the disappointments of life, who knows above all that without the courage to face disappointment, a truly valuable life cannot be lived.

Only through the complete affirmation of life can suffering and pain be overcome, or more importantly, only through this can human inadequacy be overcome, religiously speaking only through this can salvation come into being.

Only through perfect affirmation of life in every moment can life and its finitude be overcome.

By getting involved with the most finite 100%, infinity or metaphysically expressed immortality comes into being….

For me the most beautiful picture for this is the last moment of life:

Ideally in the circle of family and friends, one hands the dying person a virgin unopened Nutella jar. The last act on earth is then turning the screw cap to the right, lifting it in the rotation, placing it on Eichendorff’s poems or a similarly uplifting book, grasping a small, sharp knife, piercing the radiant gold shell, tearing open the same, piercing the chocolate mass lying quietly there, and finally the taste on the tongue as it combines with pleasure with the Nutella on the tip of the knife.

Another blissful smile in the round of friends & family … and that’s it … the secret of life bliss.