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Who & Why

The best way to start your first blog is with the basics:

Who? Why?

…….in a lighter version of the song from Sesame Street that still sticks in my mind:

When I finally came into the world in 1969, after many unsuccessful attempts by my parents, which was determined by student riots, the moon landing and fathers who, when their offspring were born, did not yet feel any social pressure to be present at the birth, but rather had a different family time until the presentation of the new citizen of the earth, I was able to unite all the more names to compensate for the non-existent siblings. I’ve managed to get four first names, and later I added a fifth when I realized that one of my father’s brothers had been left out of brotherly jealousy.

That was a sore point, by the way, as I later realized. And since, fatally enough, I, like my father, felt a great desire to address the sore spot, I used this again and again against my own creator, who, thank God, was also very patient with me and my temperament.

The best thing is when you don’t have to remember it yourself and this work is apparently done more objectively by your contemporaries: According to a classmate, the fruits of my piano lessons with my father were already evident in one of the first grades at primary school.

Apparently there was a class recital with Mozart that I had forgotten. My clumsiness never stopped me from foolishness. So I sat down at the piano and improvised in the style of Mozart, so that everyone was happy. And I was having a blast fooling the audience and not getting caught.

Well, I think that with the Orchestra of Cultures, I now dare to be caught as a composer.

For better or worse 😉

….and will try to entertain and amuse the honored audience in a loose sequence.

Best regards, your

Adrian Werum