Jay Alexander – Crossover tenor and longtime musical collaborator

Adrian Werum – pianist, composer, conductor, founder and musical director of the Orchestra of Cultures

Johannes Krampen – concert master of the Orchestra of Cultures with its diverse projects

Kandara Diebate – kora player, vocalist and the leader of the band Nomad

Frank Heinkel – didgeridoo player, overtone singer & instrument builder of Ngonis & Didgeridoos

Lucy Zhao – Pipa player (Chinese lute) with her solo projects

Andreas Kerber – alphorn & dulcimer player, here with his Alpenfusion Band Die Kerberbrothers

Debora Vilchez – percussionist (mainly cajon from Peru), singer, here with her band Magica Fe

Alexander Ludwig – Our classical orchestra percussionist, here with a wide variety of other projects

Kioomars Musayyebi – Santur player from NRW with solo and band projects

Christoph Weigold – double bass & e-bass, heard here as songwriter and keyboard player

Kamilla Bush – violinist in our orchestra with her solo projects


The XII Cornists, the ensemble of our horn players


City of Stuttgart , institutionally funded since 2020 and associated with us for many years

Marc Schäfer , photographer & creative in many areas

Google Arts & Culture , associated with us since 2021

event finder, connected to us since 2022

The small audio world in the old cigar factory with our sound partners Markus Born & Dennis Kopacz

SIXT SE , the sponsors of our symphonies