In 2023 we will record another album that should be groundbreaking again. With internationally renowned opera singers such as our long-time friend Jay Alexander, we record German art songs from Schubert to Liszt and Strauss to Werum for the first time for orchestra and voice.

For our unique lineup of symphony and instruments from around the world, you can expect another unique sound experience here.

“The German Art Song is a special art form and has not changed further in the 21st century. The intimate character of singer & piano have remained de facto untouched, as well as the rootedness in German Romanticism. In “Das Lied 2.0.” we break this song tradition and open it up to new orchestral timbres, ethnic instruments & singers from other cultures, juxtapose the lyrics with similar texts from other cultures and mix the timbres of classically European trained singers with the singers from other cultures. Famous songs from the cycles of Schubert, Schumann, Wolf, Wagner, Strauss and others are not only orchestrated, but also transformed compositionally. This project is most comparable to the folk songs of Luciano Berio.”

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Since 2020, our orchestra has been registered as a gGmbH in Germany and is allowed to accept donations and issue donation receipts for tax deduction.

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