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The counterpart to a “handpan” is the 10-string N’Goni. The pentatonic tuning has only 5 (instead of the usual 7) different tones in the scale and makes it easy for us to always combine the tones appropriately. The 5-tone music can be found in nursery rhymes as well as in many folk songs by indigenous peoples and sounds as if you were only playing the black keys on a piano.

The N`goni originally comes from the Wassoulou region, today parts of Mali, Guinea and Ivory Coast. In a natural position, it is played with the thumb and forefinger of both hands and no fingerings or scales have to be learned. In addition, the N’goni has a very pleasant sound. The first melodies are created quickly and easily with just a few strings. First songs are quickly created through intros, breaks, accompanying voices and solos.
We manufacture the N’Goni individually from high-quality materials on request. There is a choice of different woods, mechanisms, nails, skins and designs.
The price is calculated depending on the effort from 1500 € including bag, tuner and stand.
When purchasing, the first 2 (online) hours of lessons are free of charge.
The advantages:
Intuitive game possible without knowledge of music
Pleasant yet far-reaching sound
Easy playing stance
Ideal to experience music in a group
Very high quality materials
Custom made according to your wishes
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