Whygold’s Weekend

Whygold’s Weekend

Putumayo Presents Joy To The World

… under this motto I present you my music tip for the weekend.

Maybe one or the other will discover something new.

Listening to music consciously is in my opinion as important as reading a good book.

Today: Putumayo Presents Joy To The World


Putumayo began in 1975 as a Latin American craft store in New York City, by then 23-year-old founder Dan Storper. Dan was studying Latin American studies and found himself in the Putumayo River Valley on a trip to Colombia, where he fell in love with the indigenous crafts, people and landscape. The business grew to seven stores and a wholesale operation selling international handicrafts and women’s clothing to 600 boutiques.

In 1991, after returning from Indonesia, Dan stopped in San Francisco, where he came across an African band called Kotoja in Golden Gate Park – performing upbeat Afro-beat music to a happy, dancing crowd. This chance event prompted Dan to start the Putumayo World Music record label with his friend Michael Kraus in 1993. Over the past 25 years, Putumayo World Music has become known for its upbeat compilations of international music, with album covers illustrated by British artist Nicola Heindl.

Putumayo is considered a pioneer in developing the nontraditional gift, health food, children’s and other specialty stores as outlets for music. The company’s commitment to helping communities in the countries where the music originated led the label to contribute more than half a million dollars to nonprofit organizations around the world. In 2021, Putumayo was awarded the Elaine Weissman Lifetime Achievement Award by Folk Alliance International.

(Source: Putumayo)

Putumayo World Music’s albums are really highly recommended.

Here I have always discovered new and interesting artists for me, worldwide.

Have fun listening to the music !

Chris Weigold

P.S.: Maybe you enjoy the listening pleasure together with a glass of wine from our “Orchestra of Cultures Edition”.