Whygold’s Weekend

Whygold’s Weekend

Whygold’s Weekend

… under this motto I present you my music tip for the weekend.

Maybe one or the other discovers something new.

Consciously listening to music is, in my opinion, as important as reading a good book.

Today: Grup Anilar – Siki Siki Sak Sak


Turkish dance pop with traditional instruments.

Unfortunately, I have not found any useful information about this group on the Internet.

I bought this recording as a CD almost twenty years ago in a Turkish supermarket in Sindelfingen. Just like that, on the off chance. I have to say, I listen to them every now and then, mainly in the summer, or on long car rides.

Have fun listening to this album !

Your Chris Weigold

P.S.: Maybe you enjoy the listening pleasure together with a glass of wine from our “Orchester der Kulturen Edition”.