From the press

From the press

From Roadie Music ( Brazil ) to the album release “A World Symphony

The Orchestra of Cultures reinvents the concept of world music with A World Symphony

Orchestras have always been responsible for creating or playing some of the most beautiful music ever to appear on this planet.
Violins, cellos, timpani and so many other traditional instruments have traversed the decades of art history, preserving for eternity the flame left by our ancestors, so that the beauty of an entire world culture is never lost.

But what if an orchestra relies on the diversity of musicians playing with instruments outside the orthodox musical world to which we are accustomed to develop a work that is even more diverse and different?

The Orchestra of Cultures brings such diversity to its album A World Symphony that each of its members seems to be an orchestra in its own right, joining with the others to create one of the greatest works released in a long time with musicians of first magnitude like this team.

Besides a perfectly executed instrumentation in all tracks with the most interesting types of instruments, we still have the presence of fantastic, divine and enchanting voices that create an atmosphere so intense and at the same time so gentle that life is completely connected with art.

After listening carefully to A World Symphony by the magnificent Orchestra of Cultures, you can be sure that your perception of music will NEVER AGAIN be the same and everything around you will seem too simple when compared to this fabulous work of art that is destined to last forever and will be reproduced by generations and generations of musicians in the future.