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The 50s: An epoch of romanticism, homeland attachment and great feelings. And, of course, the era of idyllic Heimat films – a golden era that Jay Alexander is now resurrecting in new splendor: Immortal screen classics such as “Mandolinen im Mondschein” (1959) or “Ein Herz voll Musik” (1955) are today the epitome of the “good old days”. A heyday of German Romanticism, when people were carefree again, nature was still pure and untouched, and customs were still respected. Zeitgeist, which has also been reflected in entertainment culture. “I love those strips where the young, up-and-coming lad drives off into the mountains in his freshly polished sports car looking for his sweetheart who ran off overnight with the forest ranger,” Jay Alexander says, eyes shining, about the inspiration for his new album. “I first came into contact with many of the songs on this album through the Heimat and music films from the 1930s to the 1950s, which were often shown on TV on Sunday afternoons. But not only as a child, but also later as an adolescent, I was fascinated by these proverbial “Heile Welt” productions. It is perhaps also a bit of longing for a time I never experienced, but which nevertheless seems very familiar to me. Another influence were operettas like `The Merry Widow`, `The Bat` or `The Land of Smiles`, which I was allowed to sing at a young age.”

With “Beautiful Is The World” Jay Alexander now wants to revive the charm and flair of those times to distract the audience from the gray everyday life of these fast-paced, hectic, sometimes worrisome days: “Beautiful Is The World” contains 18 timeless remakes of pieces from selected home movies and popular operettas from various decades, which the tenor, who loves to experiment, has arranged together with the Stuttgart Orchestra of Cultures in a modern, fresh way and elegantly brought into the here and now. Jay Alexander welcomes world-renowned soprano Marlis Petersen as a special guest, who can be heard on two duets following engagements at the Vienna State Opera, New York’s Metropolitan Opera and Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, which has just opened.

  1. Beautiful is the world (Lehar)
  2. Toselli Serenade
  3. Spring in Sorrento
  4. Barcarole (Offenbach)
  5. I would like to dance
  6. I kiss your hand, madame
  7. Santa Lucia
  8. Be My Love
  9. Plaisir d’amour
  10. Do not forget mine
  11. A Little Way of Spring (after Dvorak’s Humoresque)
  12. Bella Maria
  13. Today is the most beautiful day
  14. You are beautiful like music
  15. There is a time (Toni Leutwiler)
  16. Do not cry, a beautiful woman breaks your heart
  17. Lips silent (Lehar)
  18. Thine is my whole heart (Lehar)