Thou my soul, sing !


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When tenor Jay Alexander’s first church hymn album shot straight to No. 1 in the German classical charts after its release in 2015, it was a sensation. Jay Alexander: “The huge success of my CD ‘Geh aus, mein Herz’ made it clear how much these church songs are loved! Perhaps, with all due respect, it was just about time that these beautiful songs could show what else is in them?” After this brilliant start, it was only logical to follow up. Now the second church song album of the likeable tenor with the unique voice is available. “Du meine Seele, singe…” is a new, independent work, a sound space, a podium for many more hymnal hymns to which the singer’s heart has been attached since he attended Sunday school in his childhood days. “I am very grateful to have had the opportunity once again to record these pieces that have such great meaning for me,” Alexander said of the making of his new album. “Du meine Seele, singe” – the title song simultaneously expresses the deepest feelings of the studied opera singer and opens the new round of church songs. This was created with the Orchestra of Cultures under the direction of Adrian Werum – together the guarantor for the sensitive realization of the great arrangements of the Briton Richard Whilds, repetiteur at the Bavarian State Opera. Alexander greatly appreciates the collaboration with the two colleagues: “Adrian and Richard have been my friends and musical companions for so long now, and I feel both as a great privilege! They know exactly how I want the songs interpreted.” Jay Alexander’s solo accompanists include guitarist Klaus Jäckle (“Bei dir, Jesu, will ich bleiben”), harpist Christiane Werner (“Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern”) and Richard Whilds on harmonium (“Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe”). The Murphy Singers and the Chor der Kulturen as well as the boys’ choir capella vocalis Reutlingen with its starry singing sensitively complement Alexander’s ideas of a new interpretation of sacred song. As with the previous album, the lavishly designed booklet contains exciting background stories about the origin of the church hymns.
01 Thou my soul, sing ( 5:28 )
02 Give thanks to the Lord ! ( 3:43 )
03 Star, on which I look ( 3:32 )
04 How beautifully the morning star shines ( 4:35 )
05 This is the day of the Lord ! Shepherd’s Sunday Song ( 3:40 )
06 Wonderful King / I praise my God ( 4:56 )
07 Heaven, earth, air and sea ( 3:20 )
08 Do I know the way also not ( 3:54 )
09 Glory to God in the highest ( 4:29 )
10 Now all the forests are at rest ( 5:53 )
11 To my God belongs the world ( 2:53 )
12 Holy, Holy ( 3:28 )
13 With you, Jesus, I will abide ( 4:57 )
14 I have from afar ( 2:47 )
15 When peace with God ( 7:36 )
16 The day, my God, is now past ( 2:56 )