Bissap – Hibiscus Drink


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Committed to our intercultural mission, we now also offer special drinks from non-European cultures. Bissap is a refreshing drink made from hibiscus flowers that is popular and widespread in the West African homeland of Kandara Diebate.

Roselle juice, often taken refrigerated, is a cool drink found in many West African countries and the Caribbean. It is a dark red-purple colored juice. The Burkinabes, Senegalese, and Ivorians call it bissap while the Ghanaians and Nigerians call it sobolo. It tastes a bit grapey and a little like cranberry juice and can be served with mint leaves. It can also be served with any flavouring of one’s choice – sometimes with orange essence or ginger, pineapple juice, tea grass, vanilla, and many others. In Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal, roselle juice is served cold, while in Egypt, it is served warm. (Source: Wikipedia )