Smile- Johannes Krampen Trio


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Uwe, the guitarist, calls it “a heart project”.
“Playing this music with such good friends – that’s really great for me,” says Henrik, the bassist.
“The combination of all our strengths and weaknesses – our friendship – makes our music and our sound so powerful and distinctive,” adds Johannes, the violinist.
Probably these sentences best describe the project.
THE JOHANNES KRAMPEN TRIO: A chamber music ensemble at the highest level, cross-genre and with extreme attention to detail.
The musicians describe their musical style as symphonic chamber pop.
From the different musical experiences of the trio members and the mixing of the different genres of their musical origins, new arrangements full of imaginative timbres, powerful grooves and gorgeous melodies come to life in the interplay of the musicians.

smile – the essence of film music – presents large and well-known film music compositions for orchestra. Works that have been composed as a suite, symphony or theme for up to 100 performers are arranged by the three artists in their small symphonic chamber pop line-up. Dreamlike new versions have emerged from the compression of musical content.