Violosophy – Johannes Krampen


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Violosophy – modern music in postmodern times is the charismatic violinist’s debut album from 2010 to 2012. It pays homage to the beauty of 20th century music and at the same time a reflection of his approach to music. Seriousness, high technical standards and sound variability are the cornerstones of this album. Texts and music should be connected with each other so that the content of the music can be understood by the interpreter.
Everything tonal and understandable. Nothing casual and inconsequential.
Based on Arvo Pärt’s Fratres, sound, music and content combine to form an “inner flow” that supports various compositional styles and allows them to merge. In addition, the listener should feel as close to the instrument as if he were playing himself, so that honesty can be experienced through directness. This creates a kind of “pull into the music”, which is expressed, for example, in the composition John Thrower’s Through time & space – time collapse as “time collapse” (as indicated in the work name): a piece of 8 minutes seems like a maximum of 4 minutes.