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19 meditative pieces between jazz, pop and classic composed and played by Adrian Werum and his trio:

Drum set: Peter Lübke, Eckard Stromer, Thomas Keltsch

Bass: Alex Uhl, Rolf-Dieter Mayer, Michael Paucker

1. by bike through the meadows

2. wave hit

3. unexpectedly a heron.

4. rare oriole

5. be careful on further tracks

6. unfamiliar green toad

7. corncrake

8. swan parade

9. sudden circles of water

10 View of the main arm

11. butterflies on the run

12. view through the poplars to the sky

13. ride on the dike

14. old willow

15. little lizard

16. encountering a wanderer

17. on the way back

18. longing back

19 Encounter with myself


the bird flight abducts me quietly

from a world of chasing nothing

and takes me on a journey

into the wonderful world of light

colors that gently slip away from each other

in a stream of eternal return

shimmer from all sides

dreamy longing, is there more?

more than this wonderful calm?

more than just standing here?

I am at the end of my search when I see the Altrhein from the reed.

~Adrian Werum

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