General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions shall govern the legal relationships between concertgoers and Orchester der Kulturen gGmbH. They form part of every contract for the purchase of tickets. They also apply to subscribers and group purchasers, except where otherwise agreed.

Programs and performance times
Details of the current concert programs and performance start times are published in the brochures of Orchester der Kulturen gGmbH and its orchestras and choirs. These are subject to change.

Ticket sales
Tickets for Orchester der Kulturen gGmbH events can be purchased online. Tickets can be posted to purchasers on payment of an administrative fee. This service is available until one week before the event and is at the purchaser’s own risk. Reduced price tickets may be purchased and are only valid in connection with proof of entitlement to a reduction. Each person can only buy one reduced price ticket. This ticket is personalised. On request, the proof of entitlement to a reduction must be shown on entering the venue. Tickets cease to be valid on leaving the venue.

Exchange and return of tickets
If an event is cancelled, tickets can be returned until two weeks after the date of the cancelled event. Tickets can be returned by post to the Orchester der Kulturen gGmbH. Subscription series tickets for orchestral concerts can be exchanged on payment of an administrative fee up to two working days before an event (only two exchanges per season are permitted). In all other cases, purchasers have no right to return or exchange tickets. The same applies in the case of any change in the program or in the artists scheduled to perform.

Lost tickets
Orchester der Kulturen gGmbH does not provide any compensation for lost tickets. If a subscriber loses a ticket, a replacement ticket can be issued on production of an official identity card and payment of a fee. In this case, the original ticket ceases to be valid.

Change of name, address and bank details
Customers paying by direct debit are requested to notify the Orchester der Kulturen gGmbH customer service center in writing of any changes in name, address or bank details. If a direct debit is returned unpaid because of incorrect or outdated details, the customer shall be responsible for any resulting charges.

Latecomers will only be admitted at certain points in the program specified by the promoter.

House rules
Ticketholders can be refused entrance if there is good reason to presume that they will disrupt the event, annoy other audience members or have infringed the terms and conditions.

Image and sound recordings
The making of image and sound recordings of any kind is strictly prohibited. Orchester der Kulturen gGmbH reserves the right to make or to authorize the sound and image recording or broadcast of concerts. By purchasing a ticket or subscribing for a concert series, concertgoers are deemed to consent to this.

Data protection
Orchester der Kulturen gGmbH collects, stores, processes and communicates personal data for the processing of ticket purchases and for its own statistical purposes. Customers consent to Orchester der Kulturen gGmbH using these data to promote its own offers. A customer may revoke this consent at any time by writing to Orchester der Kulturen gGmbH at the following address: or Orchester der Kulturen gGmbH

If a provision of these General Terms and Conditions proves to be ineffective or void, this shall have no effect on the remaining provisions. The ineffective or invalid provision shall be replaced by a corresponding provision reflecting the economic interests of the parties.

Entry into force
These General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on January 1,2021.